Our common areas


At 'RE-Dama, everything is "panta rei", everything flows and transforms, just like the stories told by travellers who cross paths for a short distance before setting off again towards new discoveries. Yet the essence of the moments spent together never fades, but remains in the memories of endless chats and laughter that echo late into the night.

Our guests arrive in search of freedom, of people to share dreams and projects with, even more than they are looking for a bed to sleep in: they know that here they will find both, a safe harbour and fellow adventurers to exchange visions and aspirations with. The hustle and bustle of our common aereas is exciting, amid new arrivals and departures of those who resume the journey; but a little piece of the heart remains and every now and then brings back the desire to return to their "home away from home" in Florence.

Because 'RE-Dama is not just a ho(s)tel: it is a community in constant movement, a place where new chapters of one's life are written. Our common spaces are a meeting point for travellers without borders, of today and tomorrow, because the stories that begin here will never end.


The entrance to our reception area is majestic, worthy of a king! As soon as you arrive, our 'RE-ceptionists are ready to serve you, for a smooth check-in and all the answers to all your questions.

When the reception area is not crowded, you can also treat yourself to a relaxing break: in the designated area in the back you can recharge your batteries with our fantastic vending machines, for a quick snack or a refreshing drink, or improvise the notes of "For Elisa" or your favourite song on our piano, which is available to all guests.

The Lobby

Re-Dama's lobby is a balance of modern forms and simplicity: designer chairs and armchairs, board games, avant-garde and eye-catching furnishings will transport you to another dimension, where boredom does not exist! In here, every detail is designed to amaze and amuse you, without ever being predictable.

Our lobby is the ideal place for travellers: isn't sharing adventures, emotions and making new friends the ultimate goal of our endless journey?

Coworking and Meeting Room

Our coworking space is the perfect solution for those who want to mix productivity and creativity. The large desks and fast WIFI connection will allow you to work smoothly. But that's not all: our meeting room is the ideal environment for engaging brainstormings.

Whether you are an entrepreneur, a freelancer or a digital nomad, our hub is the perfect place to connect, create and share in the heart of Florence. Welcome aboard!

The Study Room

The study room at Re-Dama is the right environment to lose yourself in a world of books in peace and quiet: wooden vintage chairs will bring you "back to school". The study room is designed to let you concentrate without any distractions.

The large tables are perfect base to open books, underline notes and prepare for your exams. And when your concentration leaves you , just take a short break, go down to the lobby, and get new ideas and creativity from it's pleasant distractions.

Out-of-town students or smart travellers, 'RE-Dama's study room is available for you to study in peace and quiet in the heart of Florence. Enter and find your ideal space.... There's room for everyone!

The Common Kitchens

The kitchenettes on the upper floors and in the basement are valuable assets for guests in our economy rooms, the perfect retreat for our students.

The small common kitchen areas are ideal for the out-of-town student who wants all the amenities without spening all of their savings. At Re-Dama you can freely decide when and how to cook your meals and make new friends with fellow students.... Welcome to your new Florentine home!

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